Live the Ride llc -USA Distributor for Apres Velo Brand

Apres Velo is an Australian Brand.  Live the Ride LLC is  the USA distributor for the Apres Velo Brand based in Ohio. We sell to retailers across the county.  In addition we do several consumer expos around the country.
This is  our retail site.  We often discount styles which we are closing out to make room for new styles.

We also work with Cycle clubs and offer discounts to clubs and teams in markets where we do not have retail shops stocking the brand.

  Contact: for more information.

Apres Velo cranked out in 2006

to make cyclists look good and feel fashion confident on and off the bike through beautiful cycling-inspired casual wear.

APRES VELO (which is Frenchie speak for “After Cycle”) designs and produces the coolest cycling and triathlon inspired T shirts on the planet. Designed without compromise for all bike-fixated obsessives, APRES VELO products blend style with optimum comfort. Our fabrics, print and wash finishes have a distinctive aged look and feel…. lived in and loved.

Our mantra is “LIVE THE RIDE”. It is the guiding belief that defines APRES VELO. Its about freedom, friendships, happiness and awesomeness. We are proud to wear our heart on  our sleeve (literally) and do not take ourselves to seriously.


Our artwork and designs are inspired by the stories and unique characteristics of the cycling lifestyle and culture. Our range of T shirts are highlighted across multiple genres…something to suit all bike-fixated obsessives..


“Cycling Fashion with Attitude” is a celebration of the cycling lifestyle, with the story being told through beautiful cycling-inspired fashion wear. It’s about the stories, not the cadence. We’re about cycling mateship and looking good, not the watts or the distance. It’s about living your passion for cycling with a genuine sense of fashion and style.

We LIVE THE RIDE and wear our hearts on our Tees.